ZTE SalesDL DC MT6280 V1.00.03

Программа для прошивки модемов на платформе 6280

(1) This software can only be used for ZTE MT6280 no-driver devices.
(2) This upgrade tool is compatible with Windows XP(SP3) and Windows 7 system.
(3) Before upgrade, you must install the software in the CD-ROM and the download driver which is supplied stand-alone.
(4) Before upgrade, please pull out the USIM/T-Flash card.
(5) Before upgrade, please back up your photos, music, contacts, messages etc.
(6) If the device is with the battery, please insert the battery and power on the device before upgrade.
(7) Before connecting the device with computer, you should select the target version.
(8) Do not switch off your computer or start any other applications until the upgrade is complete.
(9) Make sure the modem is connected to mains power.
(10) Do not insert or remove any USB devices until the upgrade is complete.
(11) Do not try to close the update tool or pop out the modem during the download process. Or the modem would be damaged.
(12) If you first use the tool, the downloading may be failed because of some driver problem. You can download it again.
(13) If the updating is finished, and you want to change another kind of device, you must restart the update tool.

Пароль от архива: 12345

Внимание! Администрация сайта не несёт ответственности в случае неудачной прошивки аппарата или выборе не верной прошивки! Все действия на Ваш страх и риск.

Если при открытие архива у вас выдает ошибку, то необходимо обновить WinRAR до последней версии (по крайней мере до 5), либо скачать новую версию отсюда.
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